UK Photos

Dec 2006 - Meg's Xmas Party

  • Megxmas2
    On the 11th December 2006, Meg's Nursery School held their annual Christmas Party. Father Christmas arrived on a Fire Engine - accompanied by Daddy !!

Dec 2006 - Cadet Jason

  • Sta70550
    Jason got his Cadet uniform in December 2006.

Sept 2006 Terry Bodybuilding Competition

  • Dscf1171
    Terry entered his first bodybuilding competition !

Apr 2006-Fireman Sean Passing Out

  • Sean
    Sean's passing out parade at Surrey HQ - 6th April 2006

April 2004 Meg is Born

  • Meg & a very tired Mom
    Megan Jada Mienie was born on the 12th April 2004 at the John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford. She was delivered by forceps.

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Jan 14, 2007



Hi Everyone,

All is well here. I wanted to say tara to Brenda before she toddled off to Zim. Have a terrific flight and enjoy the sunshine. The weather here has been great up to this point but getting a bit chilly now.

Going to be -19 degrees on Friday. Wish to god I was going with you.

Say hi to me Uncle Jim and all the kids....

Love to all....Roz and Kate


What a beatiful photo - Katie you are a stunner!!!!

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